Why Should We Recycle?

The restaurant industry is in a favorable position to support sustainable practices within their neighborhoods. There are many ways to demonstrate this responsibility, including methods of lighting, heating, and plumbing buildings, buying food from local and organic farms, purchasing goods and services from other local businesses, and sponsoring events for local causes and organizations.

Restaurants can also take responsibility for their choices of products such as napkins and to-go containers, utilizing those that are made of recycled materials or items that are reusable or safely biodegradable. Donating used fryer grease to be used as a fuel source shows responsibility for the life of this product, as well as the health of the economy and the planet.

Green Restaurants USA believes in this positive interaction with their customers and communities, knowing that these choices are significant not only for reasons of savings and economics, but for environmental health and the cultivation of positive relationships. The next time you eat out, ask what kinds of things the business is doing to support their neighborhood AND the planet. Your choice of where to eat a meal is powerful! If you are at a Green Restaurants USA, thank them for their stewardship! If not, let them know how to contact us!