How Do We Become Green?

Becoming green does not happen overnight.  It is a process with many different aspects, from solid waste reduction to the use of earth-friendly materials.

One easy way for a restaurant to start the process of “going green” is by recycling the waste fryer oil with a company that recycles it directly into renewable fuels.  This demonstrates an interest in environmental stewardship, but requires very little effort.  This step: 1) helps reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil,  2) reduces the overall CO2 output of the engine reducing the effect on global climate change , and 3) is a step towards sustainability and taking responsibility for our actions on this planet. 

Green Restaurants USA is a full service green oil collection company that can help you on your way to green.

Green Restaurants USA has compiled a Twelve-Star system to encourage restaurants to take small steps with the ultimate goal of greener practices:

Waste oil collection - local green

Veggie-powered marketing car

Recycling cardboard and/or metal

Recycling glass and/or plastic

Composting food waste

Utilizing reusable, compostable, or recycled to-go containers

Reduced energy lighting

Utilizing local and/or organic food distributors

Green construction

Low water consumption urinals

Non-petroleum/nuclear based power (ie. solar, wind, hydro, etc)

Grow a garden/edible landscaping

Green Restaurants USA encourages
restaurant owners and managers to consider
taking the Twelve-Star Challenge!
Help our planet!
Have happy customers for generations to come!

Click here to register your restaurant in the Green Restaurants of Atlanta database, free of charge