What is the Difference Between the Different Grease Collection Companies?

Not all waste vegetable oil collection companies are created equal.  Here is a checklist of questions that will differentiate between these companies:

  1. Do they recycle 100% of the oil in local biofuel?  Many companies claim to recycle the oil into biofuel, but they export the oil to different states or countries instead of keeping it right here in Georgia.  Our local economy needs the oil, our local economy directly impacts you and your business as well.  Green Restaurants of Atlanta keeps the oil it collects local, it usually never even leaves the Atlanta metropolitan area.
  2. Do they also resell the oil to the animal feed industry or makeup industry?  These are the common old uses for used cooking oil, but they do not have as much environmental impact as supporting the biofuels industry.
  3. Do they recycle the oil into biodiesel or SVO?  SVO technology uses zero petroleum inputs to process the fuel, whereas the biodiesel technology requires multiple fossil fuel inputs, from methanol in the production to diesel blending of the final product.  Green Restaurants of Atlanta is the only collection company in the Atlanta area that recycles the oil into SVO.
  4. Do they pay for the used product, and how much?
  5. Do they offer recycling of other products besides the waste cooking oil?  Green Restaurants of Atlanta is also the only grease collection company that offers reduced priced recycling of other products including metal and cardboard to their restaurant oil accounts.
  6. Do they offer advertising online or otherwise for your decision to recycle your used oil in a sustainable fashion?  Green Restaurants of Atlanta offers both free online advertising and a window sticker educating the public on you environmental stewardship.
  7.  Local service means better customer service.  Are they a local company and how quickly can they service your needs when you call? 
Do they burn biofuels in the collection trucks to collect the oil from your restaurant?  It is important to practice what you preach, but most of the grease collection companies to not use the grease they collect directly as a fuel source for their trucks.